In the order above.

Michael Hoch – Art@CMS
Michael Hoch was born in Vienna / Austria where he studied Sports and Physics at the University of Technology and the University of Vienna. During his studies and work as trainer he was concentrating his photographic art work on human movements and architecture. Later coming to Geneva to make his PhD at CERN he started to work on his long term project, “Where Science Meets Art”.

Land Precieux – Shoreditch Trust Active Citizen
Land is a creative mentee at Shoreditch Trust. He took part in the 2013 Creative Mentoring Programme and the Active Citizens programme. Land is currently on a course studying graphic design. He lives is Hackney. Land is interested in design.

Lorren Joseph – Shoreditch Trust / Blue Marble Training
Throughout his work as a chef and trainer Lorren has been a highly proactive and innovative leader, contributing through teamwork and collaboration to the strategic planning and delivery of one of Hackney’s most successful training programmes for young people aged 16 to 25. Lorren is a professional chef and is an experienced facilitator at Shoreditch Trust’s Waterhouse Restaurant which hosts Blue Marble Training. The Restaurant focuses on using seasonal and local produce and provides a live setting for the training programme. Lorren’s work also involves developing seasonal menus and sourcing ethical ingredients. Lorren thrives on working in a pressurised environment, experiencing exciting new challenges as part of a team. As a facilitator on the Trust’s Active Citizen’s programme, Lorren accompanied three young people from the Trust to CERN, supporting the research and learning journey.

Lucca Sokhi – Shoreditch Trust Active Citizen
Lucca is part of the Trust’s Active Citizens programme and is also training to be a chef. Lucca has an interest in photography and blog writing. Lucca is a highly enthusiastic individual, he approaches every task that is set before him with a can do attitude, Lucca has massive potential and every additional opportunity we have presented him with has done this to the best of his ability however, Lucca took part on a ISV to Sri Lanka as a part of the Active Citizens programme which really heightened his perspective of life having entailed such an amazing journey.

Peter Bellamy – Wimbledon College of Arts Graduate
Peter is a recent graduate of the Wimbledon College of Arts. He studied on the Print and Time based Media course. He grew up in Bournemouth on the south coast of England and currently lives in London where he works as a technician for a small art gallery. He is pursuing his own career as an artist and works with photography, paint, film, print and a lot of other things. He both loves and knows nothing about particle physics.

Dave Webster (Camberwell, Chelsea, Wimbledon College of Arts part of UAL)
Dave is an Associate Dean at Camberwell, Chelsea Wimbledon Colleges of Arts part of the University of the Arts London. He has over 20 years experience within Higher Education sector at both a national and international level. He has a Masters Degree in Visual Arts and has worked internationally within Art and Design for over 25 years. He believes that diversity should be a quality indicator in education and that research should be core to the Art and Design curriculum at all levels.

Alex Naylor – Wimbledon College of Arts Graduate
Alex’s practice focuses on the relationship between art and science and our built and natural landscapes, looking at forces, energy and workings of different systems. He has most recently been working with sculpture, but has a keen interest in experimental photography. Now that he has graduated he hopes to work within education, whilst continuing with his own personal practice.

Ken Grinell – Shoreditch Trust Active Citizen
Kenneth is a writer, part of the Trust’s Active Citizens programme and is also training to be a chef. Kenneth writes and performs his own material. Kenneth is a very calm and collected individual he currently lives at home by himself and he’s perusing a career as a chef however his main passion is being a stand up comedian. Kenneth also took part on the Active Citizens programme in which we learnt a lot about how he feels about societal issues. Kenneth is very analytical but he is a very positive and engaging character.

Stephen Preece (ALLMINDS)
Stephen is a living dinosaur; coming from a time on a little wet island off the coast of Europe when everyone looked the same, everybody knew everyone else in their street, and you were either Protestant or Catholic – and hated each other. Beaten by a teacher within days of attending his first school at the age of 5, he learnt to read around the age of 9 and read his first book around the age of 16. Some might describe these experiences as character forming, Stephen considered these years to be at best a waste of time and worse very damaging. He did, however, reflect upon his experiences and decided to make a career in education. Since he has taught in two continents, all age ranges, hundreds of nationalities and across the entire social economic spectrum. His mission is clear and that is to help learners learn to:

  • identify self
  • recognise their obligations to self and others
  • get hooked on learning
  • see knowledge as a whole and not just the sum of its parts
  • play a part in making education contagious

Rosa Nussbaum – Wimbledon College of Arts Graduate
Rosa is and artist/writer. Her most recent project is her campaign to become president of the United States of America. She writes articles the online arts and technology magazine Digicult. Rosa is about to open a gallery in south west London whilst still keeping her own practice going. Rosa makes sculpture, installations, performance, film and all kinds of other stuff.












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